Our Student Mobilities:

A total number of twenty 15-19- year old students from each partner school accompanied by 2 of their teachers had the opportunity to visit one of the five partner schools while staying at their host student's home. They also hosted their exchange students at their own home during their visit to their school and made school guides for them and visiting teachers during their mobility. 


1st Student Mobility at IES Punta del Verde in Seville (ESP) from 26/11-28/11/2019:

The topic of this mobility was "Promoting Intercultural Learning through Digital Media". The output consisted of various digital storytelling products.


2nd Student Mobility at Zespol Szkol Technicznych in Radom (PL) from 26/10 - 28/10/2021:

The topic was „Threats of Digital Learning”. The output included group e-book about the threats of digital learning and tips about how to overcome/ avoid them and a short documentary about participants' experiences during their stay in Poland.


3rd Student Mobility at Agrupamento de Escolas Abade de Baçal in Bragança (POR) from 22/2-24/2/2022:

The topic was "Supporting students' professional development through digital learning/ media". The output consisted of the animation of the project's logo, of various tourist sites in augmented reality and an Action Bound - digital tourist route of the partner city


4th Student Mobility at Farelcollege in Ridderkerk (NL) from 29/3-31/3/2022:

The topic was "Becoming a European Citizen Through Digital Learning". The output were promotional video clips answering the question “What is the European Identity?” 


5th Student Mobility at Oberschulzentrum Mals (IT) from 10/5-12/5/2022:

The topic was “Supporting Personalised Learning Through Digital Learning/ Media”. The output was a project blog about “How Young Europeans Experience life in a European Border Region”.


Here some impressions of our student mobilities:

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