Augmented Reality

To support students' professional development through digital learning/ media, participants became acquainted with Augmented Reality what not only helps increasing students' learning motivation and engagement. The use of AR also stimulated better learning processes in students by taking them to learning places where their imagination and critical thinking are triggered and further developed. In addition, thanks to AR activities students were able to explore and learn more about what they found interesting and thus could develop their skills and competences also in fields that can't be dealt with in school due to lack of time or because the school curriculum does not include such topics.

To start off a Geocaching Activity (Actionbound App) throughout Bragança city was done. So students had a first contact with the city and discovered its history and culture.
Then students watched the presentation of the Metaverse App and its usefulness for learning purposes. Afterwards, international groups were formed to participate in "The Use of Augmented Reality in the Classroom" and “Create your own bound in the Actionbound App” workshops led by hosting teachers. The students learned to create augmented reality content from photos and short videos of the cities and countries they came from. These resources were also used to prepare a touristic guide for Bragança city. Visitors were expected to point their mobile devices at a monument and obtain additional information on it.


Here impressions of our students' work and useful material for teachers and schools:

Augmented Reality - OMiDiWo Twinspace

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