Our Teacher Mobilities

Our project consisted of two teacher mobilities which took place at the beginning and the end of our Erasmus + project. This was vital to allow all project partners to get to know each other in person which did not only support the good and sound implementation of the project but also fostered them to establish a long-term partnership way beyond this Erasmus + project. 


1st Teacher Mobility at Farelcollege in Ridderkerk (NL) from 5/11-9/11/2019

Via lesson visits, workshops and interviews with school representatives, visitors got a comprehensive and thorough insight into the hosting school’s pedagogical and didactic concept. They were exposed to (new) teaching concepts, the school layout and digital teaching methods which may enrich their own as well as their colleagues’ teaching practice. There was an enhanced focus on learning via the ELO (electronic learning environment) called: Itslearning, which allows Farelcollege to implement blended learning and the Flipped Classroom methodology into their curriculum.
The bilingual educational track and the subject of European and International Orientation that Farelcollege offers might be an inspiring example of how to implement European values and the learning about the EU as well as international organisations into a school curriculum. As a direct result, teachers could critically reflect upon their own teaching method and the subjects they offer to students in their schools in order to enhance European citizenship.
Furthermore all involved participants were acquainted with the DigCompOrg Framework and mutually reflect upon the digitisation status quo of their partners' and their own school and how partners could support each other in the further implementation during and well after the project. Additionally, the project participants chose and finalised the final logo for the project. 


2nd Teacher Mobility at Oberschulzentrum Mals (I) from 10/5 - 12/5/2022

The second teacher meeting was transferred to Mals because of organisational issues due to Covid-19. The main focus was a best practice exchange and evaluation of how the partner schools have digitally developed during the project.
The mobility was used for an intensive best practice exchange between the partner schools during which a status quo of each partner school’s digitisation process was provided. The Portuguese team introduced the SELFIE tool to the group and showed how they had used it to create a detailed plan of action for their school after the incentives given by the project partners during the 1st teacher mobility. They also demonstrated how this has helped to create a new website which also offers a useful digital tools section for students, teachers and parents. At the end of this meeting all other partner schools highlighted the importance and usefulness of the SELFIE tool for the continuation of their digitisation process and agreed on presenting it to their schools’ administration teams and discussing its implementation. In addition OSZ Mals teachers showed their guests more digital tools they use in their lessons to foster their students learning and motivation in and outside the classroom and together they discussed about the usefulness of them for their partners’ teaching. 
Participants also did some job shadowing at the Oberschulzentrum Mals. First the PE teachers were allowed to actively participate in a football training at the OSZ’s sports ground and later they were guided through the OSZ’s gyms by one of the coaches. They were not only able to observe some of the trainings but could also ask questions about the organisation, etc. of the OSZ Mals’ sports high school for professional winter sports athletes. English teachers first had tea with the English department and were then invited to participate in some English lessons where various digital tools were used. Finally partner schools informed each other about the Erasmus+ programme. The Spanish and Portuguese teams explained what an Erasmus+ accreditation is and how interested schools can apply for it and then there was a brainstorming about possible future projects together.



Here some impressions of our teacher mobilities:



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