IES Punta del Verde

The school IES Punta del Verde is a state school situated in the South area of Seville, Spain. City centre from our school is within 20 minutes in public transport. We have Compulsory bilingual (English) Secondary Education (CSE) –from 12 and 16- and Post Compulsory Secondary Education (A-levels) –two years-, and we are a Vocational Education and Training (VET) school . The main priorities are Administration and Management, Healthcare and Informatics and Communications. In addition the process of internationalization is vital for us and it helps our students improve their linguistic competence. To carry this out some of our teachers have participated in linguistic immersions, job-shadowing, international conferences and exchange of students to other European countries. Currently we have four Erasmus projects for secondary education and three for vocational studies. We also have students of special needs who are integrated successfully in all the activities developed in our school. 


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Pilar Romero Begoña Canivell Achaball





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