The Agrupamento de Escolas Abade de Baçal

The Agrupamento de Escolas Abade de Baçal (AEAB), located in the district of Bragança, Portugal, is made up of 3 kindergartens, 8 basic schools and the Secondary School Abade de Baçal (headquarter school).

The School is a reference for the Education of Blind and Low Vision Students and for Early Intervention in Childhood and has a Specialized Support Unit for the Education of Students with Multideficiency and Deaf Congenital Blindness, as well as a Center for Qualification and Vocational Education (CQ). It is also the headquarters of the Training Center of the Association of Schools in Bragança Norte (CFAEBN). In the academic year 2019-2020, the school population is 1100 children, students distributed as follows: 101 in pre-school education, 248 in the 1st cycle, 136 in the 2nd cycle, 205 in the 3rd cycle, 210 in the scientific-humanistic courses of regular secondary education, 60 in professional courses and 200 in adult education and training (EFA) courses. The school is located in an urban area in the northeast of Portugal.

Bragança is a small city (25000 habitants) with large range of social classes that are received by us. Although, as we are situated on the border with Spain, we are very far from the capital of the country and our students have a poor living link with crowded areas, and the challenging way of life of such areas. But they are eager to learn and to travel and they are eager to have the opportunity to meet other young people from Europe. In its Educational Project, the AEAB identifies as its mission

"To guarantee the integral formation of students / trainees, developing pedagogical practices and dynamics that will effect educational success, understood as the acquisition of skills and knowledge, on the one hand; and as the construction of active citizenship, duly socially and culturally enlightened, from the promotion and respect for fundamental values, on the other."

To fulfill this mission there are requirements that the AEAB will have to respond, requirements, expressed through the strategic axes that guide its action:

  1. Improve the AEAB performance in terms of learning and qualifications, reducing drop-outs;
  2. Promote and increase personal development and citizenship education;
  3. Interaction with the surrounding economic, social and cultural environment.

Our contact persons and school project manager works part-time on school projects in very good collaboration with different teachers’ teams and school management members. In the AEAB have been developed several activities that are relevant for this project, among which: We have two subjects linked to soft skills: Citizenship and Development (12 to 18 years old) where the students mainly work the goals of the projects, such as: conflict resolution, strengths and weaknesses and relation with the others, debates, conflict resolutions simulations and other similar topics.

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