Zespół Szkół Technicznych Radom

Zespół Szkół Technicznych in Radom is a co-educational technical secondary and vocational school of around 1200 students. Among them, there is a group of very gifted pupils who are eager to take part in challenges, for example in Erasmus+ and eTwinning projects.

The school offers different courses on the fields of Information Technologies, Mechatronics, Electricity, Power Engineering, Mechanics and more and finishes with an end-of-school exam (“maturity diploma”). The school is situated in Radom, a city in the centre of Poland with about 220 000 citizens. Located in the Mazovia Voivodeship, Radom is only 100 km south-east from the capital city.

The school is a place where the students can use the newest and modern technologies. It is possible thanks to great commitment of our teachers and our cooperation with leading IT companies which provide us as a school with educational tools.

Our students take part in vocational trainings in world leading companies. We have IT labs equipped with the latest hardware and software from leading companies. Students have possibilities to get prestigious international certificates which can pass in our exam centres. Our school is the one of fourth Microsoft ShowCase School in Poland where students can use new information technologies. For example, Office 365 is an important tool for creating, updating, sharing and exchanging the information, as our teaching staff can communicate with students via e-mails and  SharePoint site. Moreover, community portals such as Facebook, Twitter or Yammer are tools widely used for having access to up-to-date and newest information and as a place for sharing learning ideas, as well as free software for education: Office Mix, Flash Card, Mathematics, Photo Story, Chemistry Add, Movie Maker, etc. – as tools for everyday work.

It is important to mention that in our school there functions the School Career Centre which is an organisation set up to help students and their parents to evaluate students' skills, competences, strong points and needs, organize shows which demonstrate the work of human brain.

Foreign language learning plays a crucial role in our organisation. Three foreign languages – English, German and Russian - are taught in the school. Our institution has taken part in a numerous international projects for the students and the staff. Students of our school have various opportunities to take part in language contests organised both by our organisation as well as external institutions. It seems crucial to state that English is the most frequently chosen subject as far as “maturity diploma” is concerned.

Apart from those mentioned above, our organisation places great emphasis on ICT oriented teaching. Interactive boards, educational programmes, applications and websites are widely used both during lessons as well as to do homework and complete projects. Students are encouraged to make use of extra online activities, creating simple computer games and programmes. Individual lessons with the use of e-materials prepared on Microsoft tools (Mathematics, Flash Card, Office Mix etc.) for making tests and lab lessons are executed.

Find more on our website: https://www.zst-radom.edu.pl/  and Facebook.

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Małgorzata Krajewska, Dorota Sadłowska, Elwira Mortka & Edyta Zielińska

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