Farel College Ridderkerk

Farel College Ridderkerk is a Christian comprehensive secondary school in the Netherlands, Europe. Farel College consists of three separate school buildings which are located on the same premises. Each school provides a different educational track and level: VMBO, MAVO, LYCEUM (including bilingual education). Only the Lyceum school will take part in this project. Levels in the different schools range from form 1 (12-13 years old) to form 6 (17-18 years old). Due to its demography (close to Rotterdam and surrounding municipalities), its student- and teacher population is diverse and multicultural. Despite the fact that Farel College has a Christian identity, it is open to people from different religions and ethnicities. The school encompasses approximately 1650 students and 130 teachers, and an additional supporting staff (IT, janitors, etc.) of 40. The focus of our teaching lies primarily on equipping students with the knowledge and skills that come with pre-university education. Farel College offers additional high-levelled educational tracks, such as: Anglia and Cambridge English, IB (international baccalaureate), EIO (European and International Orientation). Farel College is a senior TTO (bilingual) school which is part of the network of Dutch bilingual schools. This entails that they are certified by, and closely work together with Nuffic.

Farel College strives to make education meaningful for students themselves and others. It provides children with the (21st century)skills and knowledge which they need in order to play in- and make a feasible contribution to the society of the future.

Website: https://www.farelcollege.nl/
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