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Digital Citizenship Education is the empowerment of students through education to support personalised learning, to equip them with all relevant skills to allow them to make smart choices online and in their lives and to foster their active participation in their local communities. Consequently all partner schools feel the need to promote the implementation of technology as part of their educational offers and thus they have come up with the idea of this project. All have already started a certain digitisation process and have thus become experts in certain parts of digital learning and teaching. Each partner school has gained knowledge and specialised in different parts:

  • OSZ Mals has been working on including technology to foster personalised learning
  • Farelcollege has been working with blended learning and the itslearning platform esp. in their bilingual educational track to support their students' development as digital European citizens
  • Zespol Szkol Technicznych as a technical school has been focusing on how digital learning can support professional development
  • Agrupamento de Escolas Abade de Baçal has introduced Augmented Reality to make life-long learning more motivating and long-lasting
  • IES Punta del Verde has specialised in digital storytelling to promote creativity and cultural awareness in the 21st century.

Thus all partners regard this partnership as a unique chance to learn from each other and all believe that when it comes to the promotion of digital citizenship education, national solutions and didactic and methodological best practices also work and are adaptable on an international level. Consequently all partners see this project as a great opportunity to create synergies in their digitisation process. In addition all partners see this project as a vital aid to systemise their schools' digitisation.

So far each school has been working on specific elements according to their students', teachers' and society's short-term needs but they all wish to make their educational offer more sustainable and long-lasting to also address the more long-term needs. Furthermore this project also aims at bringing together students and teachers from various European countries to provide them with a great opportunity to explore, understand and compare ways of life across Europe, to experience Europe hands-on, to promote closer relationships among students, teachers, families and other school related people from different European countries with different languages and cultures and to increase awareness and open-mindedness to the importance and benefits of the European Union in times of Brexit. Last but not least, being part of such a big European project students and teachers will be supported in the development of their language and other personal skills due to English being the project language, travelling to other countries, hosting foreign visitors, identifying with and being responsible for the success and dissemination of the project.

Farel College

Farel College Ridderkerk is a Christian comprehensive secondary school in the Netherlands, Europe. Farel College consists of three separate school buildings which are located on the same premises. Each school provides a different educational track and level: VMBO, MAVO, LYCEUM (including bilingual education).


IES Punta del Verde

The school IES Punta del Verde is a state school situated in the South area of Seville, Spain. We have Compulsory bilingual (English) Secondary Education (CSE) –from 12 and 16- and Post Compulsory Secondary Education (A-levels) –two years-, and we are a Vocational Education and Training (VET) school .


Agrupamento de Escolas Abade de Baçal

The Agrupamento de Escolas Abade de Baçal (AEAB), is made up of 3 kindergartens, 8 basic schools and the Secondary School Abade de Baçal (headquarter school). The School has a Specialized Support Unit for the Education of Students with Multideficiency and Deaf Congenital Blindness.


ZST Radom

ZST is a techinal secondary and vocational school of around 1200 students (16-20 years old) and 120 teachers. It offers different courses - Information Technologies, Mechatronics, Electricity, Power Engineering, Mechanics and finishes wird an end-of-school exam (maturity diploma)


Oberschulzentrum Mals

Our school centre “Claudia von Medici” is located in Mals, in the Upper Vinschgau Valley. 482 students are enrolled in 28 classes. The school is divided into three different school types: Sports School, Secondary Technical School of Economics and High School Social Science.


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